Pluralsight is an e-learning website that boasts thousands of courses on the most popular programming languages, developer tools, software practices and application development platforms.

These are paid courses that I have access to thanks to work.

I will be focusing on C#, JavaScript, and other web languages. Starting first with C# to learn intermediate and advanced paths (I may start with the beginner courses just to refresh as I do not get a chance to use C# much in my day to day work).


  • Fundamentals
  • Equality and Comparisons
  • Collections


  • Interfaces
  • Collections and Generics
  • Events, Delegates and Lambdas
  • Extension Methods
  • Practical LINQ
  • OOP Fundamentals
  • Defensive Coding


  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Concurrent Collections
  • Internals

The Advanced topics sound like gibberish to me now but I’m hoping in the following months that I’ll have a better understanding of many of the topics listed above.

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